Congressman Steve Stockman

Representing the 36th District of Texas

Stockman offers Obama deal on Syria vote

Sep 10, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON -- With President Barack Obama addressing the nation tonight before he asks Congress for permission to attack Syria Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX 36,) a member of House Foreign Affairs Committee, is offering him a deal.

While opposed to the planned attack, Stockman will switch and vote for the resolution only if Obama will honestly answer several questions about it.

“Obama will speak to the nation tonight regarding Syria and I hope he spends the first ten minutes on the apology. I have been working in the Middle East this month meeting with regional leaders and have intentionally held back my skepticism because I would like to offer President Obama a deal,” said Stockman.

“I am prepared to vote in favor of Obama’s folly if he can fully and truthfully answer eleven questions about the Syria operation and his bungling of it,” said Stockman.

1)      After your intervention in NATO, Libya has become a practically failed state and four Americans were murdered by terrorists, which you refuse to fully investigate. What will be done in Syria to prevent a repeat of your failures in Libya?

2)      Why was Egypt, the largest Muslim nation in the Middle East, not asked to participate in the Syrian process or even consulted on the matter?

3)      What assurances do you have that Syria’s chemical weapons will be secured, other than trusting Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin and the competence of the United Nations?

4)      Should your strikes result in the likely outcome of toppling Assad, who will seize control of Syria?

5)      Should Assad fall NATO cannot guarantee that control of Syria will not fall to al-Qaeda and affiliated extremists.  Do you know something they don’t?

6)      Are you willing to return your Nobel Peace Prize?

7)      NATO tells me any military strike on Syria will succeed only if every factor goes according to plan, which never happens in military strikes.  Are you willing to risk our troops and national security on this?

8)      Can you guarantee with absolute certitude that no ground troops whatsoever would be needed to secure chemical weapons, battle extremists now in control of Syria or rescue hostages or captured soldiers or airmen?

9)      If the aim of military strikes is to eliminate chemical weapons capabilities without costing Assad his capability to stay in power, can you guarantee with absolute certitude that will happen?

10)  Given the fact you have already told Assad where you will strike and given him ample time to organize human shields, are you prepared to deal with the fact Assad may sacrifice women and children to inflame tensions against the U.S.?

11)  We are now receiving almost-daily reports of anti-Assad militants attacking Christian churches, burning Christian villages and killing Syrian Christians.  Why should the United States assist these criminals against humanity?

“Obama tried to be Churchill and instead looked like Benny Hill.  Obama appears to have no clear plan or goals in mind. Obama is now denying he ever issued a ‘red line’ when he clearly and flatly established one over a year ago.  The State Department has to disavow comments from the Secretary of State.  It’s apparent there is little to no planning or foresight when it comes to matters of foreign affairs and national security,” said Stockman.

“Obama is not consulting with countries in the region affected by the conflict such as Egypt.  Obama had to be forced to comply with the Constitution and consult Congress.  This is not leadership.  This is more of the same feckless failure we have seen on the economy, on the budget and in foreign affairs,” said Stockman.

“Given the odds of Obama honestly answering these questions I plan to also buy lottery tickets tonight.  The ball is now in his court and it’s up to him to fumble it,” said Stockman.