Congressman Steve Stockman

Representing the 36th District of Texas

One year later, Stockman pushes Congress to break down Benghazi stonewall

Sep 11, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX 36) sent the following letter Wednesday to members of Congress demanding a full Select Committee investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012 killings of four Americans by terrorists in a coordinated attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Dear Colleague:

It has been one year since terrorists killed an American ambassador and three other U.S. citizens in a coordinated attack.

If four members of Obama’s personal staff had been killed there would rightfully have been a full investigation and congressional hearings.  But not one perpetrator has been brought to justice and requests for witnesses and information have been blocked.

Not one survivor has been allowed to testify to Congress and repeated requests for information have been blocked.

Two different hearings have been canceled after witnesses were confronted and some intimidated.

The usual channels for justice are being cut off.  We have no other choice than to file a discharge petition to force a vote of the full Congress on Congressman Frank Wolf’s bill creating a Select Committee with full subpoena power.

I have introduced discharge petition, H. Res. 306, to force a vote on Rep. Frank Wolf’s bill creating a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi killings.  If 218 members attach their signatures Wolf’s bill, H. Res. 36, will be recalled from committee and considered on the House floor.

The survivors and the victims’ families deserve answers and all Americans overseas deserve to know why their Commander-In-Chief left men to die at the hands of terrorists.  All Americans owe Congressman Wolf a deep debt for his bravery in demanding answers and justice.

Warmest wishes,

Member of Congress