Congressman Steve Stockman

Representing the 36th District of Texas

Democrats ready to shut down government to preserve pipeline of SEIU campaign cash

Sep 20, 2013
Press Release
ObamaCare intended to bankroll Democrat campaigns through law’s SEIU windfall

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman Friday voted to keep the government open while defunding Obama.  Any decision to shut down the government would now come from President Barack Obama.

“Only 12 percent of Americans say ObamaCare will work, but Democrats are going to shut down the government to keep it.  Obama can't wait to shut down the government to save ObamaCare, because the law intentionally pumps hundreds of millions into the bank accounts of the SEIU who will spend that cash electing more Democrats,” said Stockman.  “Will the Senate stand with the majority of Americans who want ObamaCare stopped, or will they protect a mega-rich, left-wing special interest group funded largely through forced dues?”

“The people claiming a shutdown will hurt Republicans are the same ones who said ObamaCare would be so popular Republicans would never take back the House.  Republicans need to pull their heads out of the D.C. bubble,” said Stockman.” Any Senate Republican thinking about funding ObamaCare should publish his or her personal cell number so they can hear what real people think.”

“It is now up to Senate Republicans to stand with Americans and defund ObamaCare.  Any decision to shut down the government is solely the decision of Senate Democrats and Obama,” said Stockman.  “Do Democrats want to keep the government open or do they want to shut down the government while forcing Americans to pay more for less care?”

“I was serving in Congress when Bill Clinton shut down the government.  That shutdown had nothing to do with Republican losses in 1996, which largely took place in heavily Democrat districts that would have swung back anyway.  In fact a new Rasmussen poll shows 51 percent of likely voters would prefer a government shutdown over a budget that funds ObamaCare,” said Stockman.

“Obama wants to shut down the government for one reason – ObamaCare pumps millions of dollars into bank accounts that support Democrat.  ObamaCare steers jobs to his SEIU cronies, who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars by skimming off the top of member paychecks.  That cash goes directly to supporting Democrats and their failed policies,” said Stockman.

“ObamaCare forces patients to pay more for less care because part of their bill is funneled into political accounts,” said Stockman.  “Will Republicans give Americans what they want or will they give millions to Democrat campaigns?