Congressman Steve Stockman

Representing the 36th District of Texas


May 7, 2013 Editorial

In February, I invited Barack Obama to come to Texas to learn to create jobs.

Apr 22, 2013 Editorial
Howard PhillipsA truly great American passed to heaven this weeke
Mar 19, 2013 Editorial

Government has only one legitimate function, to protect your right to live freely by using its monopoly on legal force to restrain and punish those who seek to harm you by use of force or fraud. Government does not grant rights.  Your rights are natural, given to you by God.  Where governments exist their only proper role is to exercise caution in protecting them.

Feb 25, 2013 Editorial

You’ll be hearing a lot about “sequester” this week.

And you deserve to know the truth, how it will affect Southeast Texas and how my proposed alternative, the Stockman Smartquester, reduces more spending than Obama’s sequester without touching vital services.