Congressman Steve Stockman

Representing the 36th District of Texas

Sponsored Legislation

One of the most important aspects of Congress is developing, making, and monitoring laws. As a Member of Congress, I am actively involved in sponsoring and drafting legislation about issues that are important to you and will help restore our Constitutional republic. Please contact my offices to share your thoughts on current legislation that may affect you, your family and your community.

Here is a summary of legislation I have Sponsored, with links to the bills:

H.R. 33: Audit the Fed Act of 2013
This bill would require that the Federal Reserve perform a comprehensive audit. 

H.R. 35: Safe Schools Act of 2013
This bill would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act. 

H.R. 410: Restore the Constitution Act of 2013
This bill would nullify any executive action and prohibit funding of any action that oversteps the President’s constitutional authority. 

H.R. 575: Second Amendment Protection Act of 2013
This bill would prohibit funding to the United Nations unless the President can certify that a United Nations treaty does not infringe on individual rights protected by the Constitution.

H.R. 576: Save Endangered Species Act of 2013
This bill would prevent the Department of Interior from labeling three antelope species in such a manner that private ranchers could not rear the populations permitting hunting.

H.R. 577: Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act
This bill requires that a judge issue an order that an individual is a danger to self or others before a veteran’s ability to receive or transport guns is taken away. 

H.R. 1143: Federal Correctional Workers Safety Act of 2013
This bill would put storage areas at prisons for personal firearms of correctional officers and allow them to store weapons in vehicle lockboxes.

H.R. 1815: Union Coercion Prevention Act
This bill would require that secret ballot elections be held for unions, that elections be the majority of employees in a unit and require petitions to hold union elections be filed 40 days in advance.

H.R. 2606: Stabilization and Reconstruction Integration Act of 2013
This bill would establish the U.S. Office of Contingency Operations.

H.R. 2625: Student Protection Act
This bill would prevent overzealous school boards from receiving federal funding if they punish students under excessive zero-tolerance weapons policies.

H.R. 2764: Sanctity of Life Act
This bill would declare that life begins at conception and that each state has a compelling interest in the protection of the unborn and would strip federal courts of jurisdiction over this finding. 

H.R.5316: Safely Exacting Cautious Useful Rules for Immigration This Year (SECURITY) Act
Directs the Secretary to submit to Congress a plan to construct and finish within 10 years double-layered reinforced fencing on the southern border.

H.R.5473: James Boulet National Language Act of 2014
Amends federal law to: (1) make English the official language of the United States, (2) require that official U.S. government functions be conducted in English, and (3) require the U.S. government to preserve and enhance the role of English as the official language of the United States.

H. Res. 306
This resolution would allow for immediate consideration of the bill to establish a select committee to investigate the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

H. Res. 333
This resolution would defund Obamacare but prevent a government shutdown.